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General requirements for Participants in the VR artist residency in Crans-Montana

Selected teams to the VR artist residency Crans-Montana must accept and fulfill the following conditions:

  1.  Have basic knowledge in English or French enabling them to communicate effectively in everyday situations in Switzerland.
  2. Obtain, with assistance from World VR Forum, a valid business visa. The stay at the VR artist residency Crans-Montana will be subject to the duration and conditions stated in the visa.
  3. Accept the conditions laid down by World VR Forum for the financial support provided by World VR Forum. Please refer to the Benefits document for details.
  4. Have the necessary means of subsistence including the stipend for day-to-day living in Switzerland during the entire stay at the VR artist residency in Crans-Montana.
  5. Be insured against civil liability and have personal health and accident insurance for the entire duration of the stay at the VR artist residency Crans-Montana. In case of illness or injury, medical expenses will not be covered by World VR Forum.
  6. Be prepared to inform and involve World VR Forum if there are any comments about the stay – particularly, any comments they might wish to make publicly or any suggestions that might contribute to the development or improvement of the artist residency.
  7. Be ready to open their workshop to public visits on a regular basis during their stay at the VR artist residency Crans-Montana at times agreed to with the World VR Forum.
  8. Residents will be free to practice their art outside the VR artist residency Crans-Montana as well, and to pursue parallel artistic activities in their own interest for the entire duration of their stays. However, third parties, such as agents, curators, galleries or organizations will have no rights concerning the work created during the VR artist residency Crans-Montana.
    VR artist residency Crans-Montana’s name, logos, graphics or documents may not be used by the applicants, residents, former residents or any other third party for commercial or promotional purpose whatsoever without the express prior written approval of the World VR Forum management.
  9. Be prepared, during the residency, to keep Committee, Mentors and organizers updated on the development of their projects, to communicate about their work and to show it upon request.
  10. Be prepared to exhibit the project at the World VR Forum annual summit from May 3rd to 6th, 2018.
  11. Be aware that only the selected team is considered to be the resident. If a resident wishes to accommodate a spouse or partner temporarily, World VR Forum should be informed beforehand. Such invitation will be subject to World VR Forum’s agreement and strictly limited to a period of time. No special modification of the room can be made for visitors. If visited by a spouse or partner, note that the related costs will not be covered by World VR Forum, and will not be responsible for obtaining the necessary visas or other documents for these visitors.
  12. Be aware that the duration of the stay (3 months) to which the resident has agreed prior to the beginning of the residency cannot be extended. Should a resident interrupt her / his stay before the foreseen term, the stay will be considered as finished. This will also apply in case of illness.
  13. Should a resident interrupt his stay with no valid ground before the term, he will have to reimburse 1000 CHF (one thousand Swiss francs) per week remaining to the end of the residency.
  14. Be aware that World VR Forum retains the possibility of terminating any stay at any time without having to explain its decision.
  15. Any residents at the VR artist residency Crans-Montana whose visa was obtained with the help of World VR Forum must leave the country upon the completion or interruption of his or her residency.
  16. Be ready to meet and agree to comply with the conditions stated in the “Agreement” document. Be ready to sign this document.